Kuku Studios:  "Rob was great to work with! He was able to do a live Skype session with us on short notice. He has a great voice and took direction well. We hope to be able to record with him again in the future!"

Fallout: New Vegas redesigned: (Otho, the ringmaster): "F'ing perfect!"

Fallout:  New Vegas redesigned:  (Marco)

Television commercial:  Muckleshoot Casino- 2019

Fallout:  New Vegas redesigned:  Palodin

LooseKeys Productions:  The History of the Donut

Book trailer:  Across the River by Heather Harris:  "This is beautiful!  Thank you!  It's EXACTLY what  was hoping for!  Wonderful job!  Very professional and prompt service!"

Probiotic Gardens:  "I wanted to get an idea of what a country sounding gentleman would sound like for my project.  Most excellent voice tone, thank you Sir!  Quick Service! ..will be using again in the future for other products"

The Wheeler Insurance Agency:  "Very well done... It was perfect!"

Domini Games:  Enchanted Kingdom:  A Dark Seed Collector's Edition-Shelton character

Big Fish Games:  Mystery Tales, Reel Horror Collectors Edition:  Harold character

Television Commercial:  Ocoee 25th annual founders day festival

Animated commercial:  Unishippers business support group, Vernon character

Project Eden:  Hick Dad character

Big Fish Games:  Mystery tales, House of Others Collectors Edition, Dean character

Infra video game:  Detective Max Koller and border guard characters

Lustrias video novel:  Minion Zollcat character

Fire Emblem:  The Elite duology fandub;  The Blazing Blade, Wallace character

Fallout the frontier:  Hardened military "Mouse" character and Communications Officer O'reilly

Will work for caps:  Raider Character

Scream fandub version:  Killer character

7 Smoke Tennis 2018red edition:  Captain Stone character